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The Da Vinci Code issue – A Muslim interpretation

The Da Vinci Code issue – A Muslim interpretation By Jeton Mehmeti The Da Vinci Code issue – A Muslim interpretation Introduction The Da Vinci code is a mystery/detective novel written by American author Dan Brown, published in 2003 by Doubleday. It is a worldwide bestseller with more than 60.5 million copies in print (as of May 2006) and has ... Shfaq »

The “Trinity,” or 1+1+1=1

“Opeople of the book! commit no excesses in your religion: nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was [no more or less than] a messenger of Allah, and His word, which he bestowed upon Mary, and a spirit preceding from Him: so believe in Allah and his messengers. Say not “Three”: desist!, it ... Shfaq »


Protestanti su izabrali pet mjerila za poređenje današnjih jevanđelja s Kur’ani kerimom. Oni kažu u prvom mjerilu, trojstvu (vjerovanju u tri boga), da je nedostatak Kur’ani kerima u tome što u njemu nema vjerovanja u tri hipostaze ili tri boga, (Oca, sina i Svetog duha). Oni tvrde da je ova doktrina – trojstva – nagovještena u ranijim božjim knjigama. Nakon ... Shfaq »

Son Of Who?

By – Yusuf Estes Does the belief in Jesus, peace be upon him, as a ‘son of God’ really make sense? What exactly does ‘son of God’ mean? Can true salvation from God, be the punishment of someone else who is innocent from any of these crimes, to be punished as though he were guilty? Does God need someone to ... Shfaq »


by Dr. Zakir Naik Al-Qur’an 3:64 Al-Qur’an 20:25-28 Greet you in the same manner as Jesus (pbuh) greeted in Hebrew Luke 24:36 ‘Sholam alay kum’ or Islamic greeting in Arabic Assalaamu alai kum both meaning ‘Peace be on you’. INTRODUCTION Similarities / Similar Teachings in the Qur’an and the Bible which Muslims follow but Christians don’t I ISLAM 1. DEFINITION ... Shfaq »

Religious Mysteries 101 – The Crucifixion

By Laurence B. Brown, MD Of all the Christian mysteries, none rank as highly as the concept of Christ’s crucifixion and atoning sacrifice. In fact, Christians base their salvation on this one tenet of faith. And if it really happened, shouldn’t we all? If it really happened, that is. Now, I don’t know about you, but the concept of Jesus ... Shfaq »


RELIGION OF JESUS CHRIST OR RELIGION OF SAINT PAUL AN ANALYSIS By ABDUL WAHID KHAN FOREWORD 1. After in depth study of Bible over the years, I found that there are great discrepancies between the teachings of Jesus Christ and Saint Paul. I was alarmed. These findings are of great significance to Christians who love and revere Jesus Christ ardently ... Shfaq »


by Dr. Zakir Naik Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Old Testament: The Qur’an mentions in Surah Al-Araf chapter 7 verse 157: “Those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (scriptures) in the law and the Gospel”. 1. MUHAMMAD (PBUH) PROPHESISED IN THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY: Almighty God speaks to Moses in Book of ... Shfaq »

Problems with the Old Testament

Credit to ‘The Hundreth Sheep’ Edited by ________________________________________ Contents • Two different Creation stories • How many animals did Noah take into the Ark? • How many languages were there after the Flood? • Were Abraham and Lot related? • How many sons did Abraham have? • Who sold Joseph to Potiphar? • Did Abraham know God’s Name? • ... Shfaq »

Pauline Theology

By Laurence B. Brown, MD In the midst of the growing 19th and 20th century awareness of the differences between Trinitarian doctrine and the period of origins, a person might be surprised to find one group who claim to be followers of Christ Jesus reading the following in the Holy Quran: “O People of the Book! Commit no excesses in ... Shfaq »