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Who was “Immanuel”?

“Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel (God is with us).” Isaiah 7:14 Muslims are commanded in the Qur’an to believe in Jesus (pbuh) as a true and faithful prophet of God. For this reason, Muslims have no trouble believing that prophets of ... Shfaq »

Where is the “Christ” in “Christianity?”

By Laurence B. Brown, MD Religious scholars have long attributed the tenets of Christian faith more to Paul’s teachings than to those of Jesus. But as much as I would like to jump into that subject, I think it best to back up and take a quick, speculative look at the Old Testament. The Old Testament teaches that Jacob wrestled ... Shfaq »

What is Jihad and laws of war in Islam

By : Osama Abdallah The sections of this article are: 1- What is Jihad? 2- The laws of war in Islam. 3- The treatment of prisoners of war in Islam. 4- Did Islam spread by the sword? If so, was that Jihad? 1- What is Jihad? Jihad means struggling in the name of Allah Almighty. Jihad doesn’t always ... Shfaq »

The Old Testament

By Laurence B. Brown, MD “[The Bible] has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies.” —Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth, Vol. II Let’s begin by putting “two of every sort (of animal) into the ark,” and then … Oh, wait. Was that “two ... Shfaq »

The New Testament

By Laurence B. Brown, MD Both read the Bible day and night, But thou read’st black where I read white. —William Blake, The Everlasting Gospel Of course, Blake’s sentiment in the quote above is nothing new. The New Testament contains enough inconsistencies to have spawned a dizzying variety of interpretations, beliefs and religions, all allegedly Bible-based. And so, we find ... Shfaq »

The Da Vinci Code issue – A Muslim interpretation

The Da Vinci Code issue – A Muslim interpretation By Jeton Mehmeti The Da Vinci Code issue – A Muslim interpretation Introduction The Da Vinci code is a mystery/detective novel written by American author Dan Brown, published in 2003 by Doubleday. It is a worldwide bestseller with more than 60.5 million copies in print (as of May 2006) and has ... Shfaq »

The “Trinity,” or 1+1+1=1

“Opeople of the book! commit no excesses in your religion: nor say of Allah aught but the truth. Christ Jesus the son of Mary was [no more or less than] a messenger of Allah, and His word, which he bestowed upon Mary, and a spirit preceding from Him: so believe in Allah and his messengers. Say not “Three”: desist!, it ... Shfaq »


Protestanti su izabrali pet mjerila za poređenje današnjih jevanđelja s Kur’ani kerimom. Oni kažu u prvom mjerilu, trojstvu (vjerovanju u tri boga), da je nedostatak Kur’ani kerima u tome što u njemu nema vjerovanja u tri hipostaze ili tri boga, (Oca, sina i Svetog duha). Oni tvrde da je ova doktrina – trojstva – nagovještena u ranijim božjim knjigama. Nakon ... Shfaq »

Son Of Who?

By – Yusuf Estes Does the belief in Jesus, peace be upon him, as a ‘son of God’ really make sense? What exactly does ‘son of God’ mean? Can true salvation from God, be the punishment of someone else who is innocent from any of these crimes, to be punished as though he were guilty? Does God need someone to ... Shfaq »


by Dr. Zakir Naik Al-Qur’an 3:64 Al-Qur’an 20:25-28 Greet you in the same manner as Jesus (pbuh) greeted in Hebrew Luke 24:36 ‘Sholam alay kum’ or Islamic greeting in Arabic Assalaamu alai kum both meaning ‘Peace be on you’. INTRODUCTION Similarities / Similar Teachings in the Qur’an and the Bible which Muslims follow but Christians don’t I ISLAM 1. DEFINITION ... Shfaq »