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Trojstvo i raspeće u starim paganskim verama

Vavilonci su verovali u Trojstvo već od četvrtog milenijuma p.n.e. Oni su svoja mnogobrojna božanstva svrstavali u dve grupe, od kojih svaka za sebe predstavlja jedan vid Trojstva. Sistem njihovih božanstava je izgledao ovako: Prva grupa: – Bog neba, Bog zemlje i Bog mora. Druga grupa: Bog Meseca, Bog Sunca i Bog pravde. Već smo ranije rekli da su Egipćani ... Shfaq »

Svete hrišćanske knjige i njihova verodostojnost

Kada govorimo o hrišćanskim svetim knjigama trebamo znati da se pred nama nalazi više knjiga koje hrišćani smatraju svetim. Oni, naime, veruju da su sve ove knjige napisali ljudi koji su bili nadahnuti od Isusa Hrista, putem Duha Svetog koji se na njih spuštao. Na taj način sve ove knjige su postale svete, a njihovi sastavljači nepogrešivi. Mi hrišćanima ostavljamo ... Shfaq »

Jevanđelje po Mateju na vagi istine

Pre nego što počnemo govoriti o Jevanđelju po Mateju, moramo se prvo upoznati sa njegovim sastavljačem, Matejom. Ko je, dakle, taj čovek kome se pripisuje ovo Jevanđelje? Ako se vratimo na izvore i pažljivo pročitamo tekstove koji o njemu govore, videćemo da se u tom pogledu nalaze dva teksta. Prvi tekst se nalazi u Jevanđelju po Marku, a drugi tekst ... Shfaq »

Glossary of Sexual Terminology in Bible and their Counterparts in Qur’an

Introduction Everybody agrees that there are many positions in the “Bible” which are deemed shameless and offensive In fact, each faith must have a holy book which guides people to their creator and teaches them their worldly and otherworldly matters. In any such holy book, the features of the faith are reflected and therefore this faith can be judged as ... Shfaq »

Between Divine Revelation and Non-Divine Revelation in Islam and Christianity -2-

In the first part, we dealt with the concept of revelation in Islam and the difference between divine revelation and non-divine revelation from the Islamic perspective. In this second part, we will deal with the concept of revelation in Christianity, whether the Bible is a revelation from God, its authority as a sacred scripture, whether it may underlie legal rulings ... Shfaq »

Between Divine Revelation and Non-Divine Revelation in Islam and Christianity -1-

Like many non-Muslims, we, Muslims, believe that just as there is a physical world where we live and see one another with our eyes, there is another world, or even maybe other worlds to which the physical rules and regulations do not apply. However, we can still, in some way or another, communicate with those metaphysical worlds and see certain ... Shfaq »

Comparison between the Bible & Quran (3/3)

Qur’an Has Internal Evidences Now I can come back to the claim the Qur’an makes that it has internal evidence of its origin. There are many ways that you can look at this. As one example, if I single out somebody here and say: You know, I know your father – he is going to doubt that, he has never ... Shfaq »

Comparison between the Bible & Quran (2/3)

Are There Mistakes? I have suggested many times that there are mistakes in the Bible and the accusation comes back very quickly: Show me one. Well there are hundreds. If you want to be specific I can mention few. You have for example at 2nd Samuel 10:18 a description of a war fought by David saying that he killed 7000 men ... Shfaq »

Comparison between the Bible & Quran (1/3)

Whereas, the Bible is a collection of writings by many different authors, the Qur’an is a dictation (or recitation). The speaker in the Qur’an –in the first person– is God Almighty (Allah) talking directly to man. In the Bible, you have many men writing about God and you have in some places the word of God speaking to men and still in other places you have ... Shfaq »

Comparison between the Quran and the Most Important Current Scriptures

By Editorial Staff How a big difference between the Quran and the other scriptures! There is no denying that for the time being there are several religions on earth, including Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic religions. Just as the Abrahamic religions have supposedly heavenly scriptures, other non-Abrahamic religions also have scriptures mostly attributed to God. As a matter of fact, there is ... Shfaq »